The things I make...

I like to be creative, for me its a way to be mindful and unwind.

Most of the things that I design and make are items that are inspired by the ancient world, predominantly ancient Egypt or prehistoric Europe. 

I’ve always been into creating things, but selling them is a whole other story. I set up my Etsy and Redbubble stores during the global COVID-19 pandemic, for no other reason than I had started to create things a lot more as a way of coping with the lockdowns. Occasionally some of my creations are able to be sold, and i’ll add them to my stores. I am constantly creating new things, so keep checking back. 

If you don’t find something you are looking for just get in touch, maybe I can make it for you!


My Etsy store is mostly replica Egyptian objects based on real artefacts in museum collections around the world. They are all completely handmade, so no two pieces are exactly the same.


My Redbubble art is mainly pattern design. They way redbubble works is you can have my designs on almost any product, from mugs to hoodies to shower curtains, made specifically for you and shipped directly to you.

Downloadable Senet Game for Kids (or adults!)

Ever wanted to play games like the Ancient Egyptians? 

I’ve simplified the game of senet, and you can download it here to print and play at home!