Ian Andrew Oswald Trumble

Archaeologist / Artist / Curator / Researcher

What I Do

I currently wear lots of different hats! Take a look at the various things I do, and feel free to get in touch.

I Make.

I enjoy being creative and i’m inspired by the things left by the peoples of the past. Sometimes people like to buy my creations, they make nice little gifts!

I Speak.

I like to share my research. I speak at conferences, public events and for education. Topics range from archaeology and Egyptology to local and social history.

I Research.

As I complete my PhD I will build up research on various topics including Egyptology, Archaeology and Local History. All my published research can be explored here.

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My Research

My current PhD research focuses on the history of Egyptology and collections in the UK with a focus on the cotton industry. 

Under Construction

This website is under construction, please bear with me a little while whilst I get it all set up. Please contact me if you want to know more!


My Story

I’m currently curator of the largest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in a UK local authority museum: Bolton.

I am also a PhD candidate in the History of Egyptology and ancient Egyptian textile collections at the University of York.

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