Local History Talks

Take a look at the list of Local History lectures that I currently have available. More information on each of the lectures can be found below. Do contact me if you want to discuss any of the lectures.

Currently available Local History lectures:

- Worktown: Lost Locations

- The Making of a Museum

- From Small Seeds

Worktown: Lost Locations

This talk tells the story of Mass Observation and specifically its initial study of “Worktown” – the town of Bolton. Focussing on the development of this initial study, and a 2013 project to relocate the lost locations throughout Bolton (and beyond) in a set of over 1000 photographs by Mass Observer photographer Humphrey Spender.

The Making of a Museum

This talk tells the story of the development of Bolton Museum and its collections. Starting with the earliest displays in the mid 1800s, through to the first purpose built museum; The Chadwick, and on to the new museum of the 1930s and the most recent developments of the last few years.

From Small Seeds

This lecture sets out the development of Bolton’s Egyptology collections from the perspective of its main benefactor, Miss Annie Barlow. It follows her passion for ancient Egypt, in particular its textiles, and how this is intertwined with her own life. It rounds off with her legacy, not just for Bolton and its collections, but for the discipline of Egyptology as a whole.

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