Archaeology Talks

Take a look at the list of Archaeology lectures that I currently have available. More information on each of the lectures can be found below. Do contact me if you want to discuss any of the lectures.

Currently available Archaeology lectures:

- William Smithies and the Mummies of Peru

- Bronze Age Bolton

- Bolton Before Bolton

William Smithies and the Mummies of Peru

This talk follows the story of William Smithies, a mill manager from Warrington, as he emigrated to Peru in the late 1800s. It is illustrated using documentary evidence and the ancient South American objects that made their way into UK museums including Bolton, Warrington and the V&A London.

Bolton Before Bolton

This talk takes a chronological approach to the first 20,000 years of human history in Bolton. Beginning in the Palaeolithic it takes you through each of the prehistoric periods including the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and ending at the Roman Invasion.

Bronze Age Bolton

This talk focuses in on one particular prehistoric period, the one for which there is the most surviving material evidence; the Bronze Age. It takes a site and object based approach as it looks at how the Bronze Age Boltonians might have lived, through the things the left behind.

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